Could Thon Maker And Luol Deng Still Play In Toronto?

Not the place or the time for the Crossover Report staff to comment on the ethics or the legality of our President’s actions.

But let’s look at the actual ramifications of the executive action. Right now in the league, you’ve got two Sudanese citizens in Thon Maker and Luol Deng. And while both don’t have any scheduled games in Toronto the rest of the season (the Bucks could end up going there in the 1st round of the Playoffs), the question remains: would they have to risk the chance of not being able to return to the States in order to go play in Toronto?

Luckily for Thon, he just barely got back stateside last night:

In America, a large majority of people don’t start paying attention to an atrocity until or unless it involves athletes or celebrities. The attention for the AIDS crisis grew ten fold after Arthur Ashe and Magic Johnson became infected. There were probably more domestic violence/violence against women-awareness ads run by the NCAA and NFL after the Ray Rice video came out than there were run by all other organizations combined in the 15 years prior. The painkiller epidemic? Luckily, because it’s killing some of our favorite NFL players, we’re starting to notice it affects thousands and thousands of other people.

So it might sound bad, but I don’t really care if Thon or Luol don’t get to go play in Toronto. And I don’t think they really care either. But the hope’s that something like that serves as a catalyst to solve the bigger issue at hand.

UPDATE: Here’s what Alex Lasry, Senior VP of the Bucks, tweeted last night before the Bucks tipped off with Sudanese Thon Maker in the lineup. Said it then and will say it now: not a coincidence that Thon starts the game the day after POTUS denies anyone from Sudan (including those with dual citizenship) from entering the country:

bucks thon maker trump.png


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