Alabama Football Players Are Driving Really Really Nice Cars Nowadays


As recruiting wraps up for the class 2017, I think it’s appropriate to take a moment and recognize the incredible run that Alabama’s on right now. This year will mark the unprecedented 7th straight year in which Alabama will finish with the #1 recruiting class in the nation (based on 247 composite). It’s just a testament to the hard work of the coaching staff, fans, and boosters to keep the program running at such a high level both on and off the field. Anyway, as an homage to Alabama’s recruiting prowess over the past few years, here’s a photo recap of some of the athletes that have propelled them to the #1 ranking. (Sourced as of 1/27/17 from the public Instagram accounts of 2016 rostered players only):

Jonathan Allen DL #93

New ride

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Anthony Averett Jr. DB #28


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David Cornwell QB #12

Ronnie Harrison DB #15

Eddie Jackson DB #4

Nigel Knott DB #13

Bo Scarbrough RB #9

Deionte Thompson DB #14

I want to start by saying I don’t care about guys getting bribed to go to schools. Talk about ethics, or rules, whatever. But hell if there’s 50 Buddy Garrity’s in Alabama giving cars to the best players on Alabama’s football team, it doesn’t matter to me. Good for them. Because you’re out of your mind if you don’t think that every single D-1 college football team’s giving out extra and technically illegal benefits to their players. That’s one of the cool things about being the best at something, you get lots of stuff. Welcome to America, we like football here. As well, and call me naive if you want, there’s a chance these guys actually bought these cars. Remember Lebron driving a Hummer in high school? That’s because the bank knew he was going to the league and about to make millions and millions, so it wasn’t very hard for him to get a loan. Bo Scarbrough, for example, is going to the league. Wouldn’t be hard for him to get a loan.

Funniest part about this is, if you go to the original thread that I linked to, there’s people in the comments talking about when will Bama get in trouble blah blah blah. The answer is never. And you know they’ll never get in trouble because if there were even the SLIGHTEST chance the NCAA was going to come down on them, there’s no way Nick Saban allows any of these guys to be posting pictures with the cars he co-signed on. If you’re angry about this, there’s only two possible reasons why:

  1. You’re jealous of Alabama football
  2. You’re jealous these guys are better athletes than you, and thus get cool stuff

BTW, we’ve been here before. Pat White, former WVU QB, said Bama flat out offered him a Corvette during his recruiting process. The NCAA didn’t blink then, and won’t blink now.



8 thoughts on “Alabama Football Players Are Driving Really Really Nice Cars Nowadays

  1. Everyone that plays football at Bama does not come from a destitute family .. Many kids going to college have nice cars and some of the players also have nice cars… My Dad paid $500.00 down on a VW for me while I was still in high school (11th grade ) and I had to pay the rest of it…by working mind you ! Don’t let jealousy cloud your mind .. Jonathan’s car was a used car about 6 or 8 yrs old…lol


  2. When eventual Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims came to Oklahoma, he drove an orange and black ’63 Chevy Impala. A few days after his final bowl game, I saw him on campus driving a new black Cadillac Sedan de Ville. Guess he got a good trade-in and was thrifty with his NCAA-permitted laundry allowance. LOL


      1. Every college that has an actual football team has the resources to offer incentives. You pointed out that every team does it. From girls to cars and everything in between. Most college players are school town hero’s. I can understand the don’t pay for play rule but the extras like cars and clothes I don’t get. These kids make the schools millions. Yes they get free tuition but they also can’t work like alot of other kids do bc of their schedules. The pay for play rule was designed to supposedly make recruiting fair but like I said at the beginning real football schools have big budgets and big boosters. The make it fair rule doesn’t really make sense when looked at that way.


      2. BENDS the rules? ………. BENDS the f#*kn RULES??

        Full Ride Schloraships and Free Cars; what foolish, over inflated ego, egomaniac child, could turn that down?

        Bams, … must be in deep water delusion redarding ability to SEE reality. Typical!

        “Delusion is the ultimate dark and irreversible blindness”.


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