The Problem’s Not The All-Star Snubs, It’s The Lack Of Roster Spots

All sorts of hubbub about who made the All-Star game roster, and who didn’t. Like every year, there are guys that should’ve made it that didn’t. Lillard, Embiid, and KAT, just to name a few.

From that, you hear lots of “Oh Gordon Hayward shouldn’t be in the All-Star Game over Lillard”. Sure, he shouldn’t be in over him. They should both be in.

Having only 12 spots for an All-Star roster’s ABSURD. Bump that up to 15, and we’ve got no problems at all. Not like these guys need to each be getting 40 minutes. There’s so much talent in the league that you could justify 30 total All-Stars in the NBA. There’ll still be snubs. There’ll still be guys that shouldn’t make it that do. But at least it’ll be more fun.


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