I’ll Never Care About The “Doomsday Clock”

Such a farse, year after year. I don’t know who these guys are that announce it, but it seems like we’re always moving closer to Doomsday. Not because the world’s getting more dangerous, but because these guys need jobs. And adjunct Physics professors aren’t getting payed well nowadays, so they resort to this circus. If they came out and said, “welp, everything’s better in the world, the clock’s going to 11 a.m., time for brunch”, they’d be out of a job. They thrive off of your fear. No mas, not allowing it.

Listen, if the world’s about to end, you’ll know it and you won’t need a bunch of scientists to tell you it. It’ll be raining nuclear material and the tornado sirens will be playing Russian, Chinese, or Korean music. At that moment, we’re at Midnight on the Doomsday clock. Don’t come in here every year with that “we’re 2 1/2 minutes away from Midnight” bruh we know there’s some shit going on, stop with the dramatics.


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