Trump Says His Ovation At CIA Was “Bigger Than Peyton Manning’s After The Super Bowl”

What an outrageous ovation to compare your ovation to. For so many reasons. Let’s lay them all out:

  1. You don’t usually get humongous ovations at the Super Bowl. While there are lots of fans of each team, there’s also a bunch of people just there to be at the Super Bowl,
  2. There have been SO MANY bigger ovations in sports alone since that Super Bowl. Cavs championship, Cubs championship, Ortiz retirement, KOBE’S FINAL GAME. We could sit here all day talking about ovations that were bigger.
  3. In general, it’s weird calling an ovation at a football game a standing ovation. You’re standing most of the time anyways, so it’s not really earned. Baseball or basketball games? Those are standing ovations. In theater, maybe after a good speech? Standing ovations. But would you give a team a standing ovation after they, say, stop someone on fourth down? You’d stand and cheer, but you wouldn’t call it a standing ovation.

It’s the kind of phrase that someone who isn’t a native speaker would say. Like if you translated from German or Dutch, maybe “loud cheering” translates to “standing ovation”, I don’t know. I love how he’s acting like people remember that standing ovation as one of the All-Time greats. Like it’s Bird’s final game, Jordan’s final game, Jeter’s final game, and then Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win (whichever one, important to note he never specifies).

You know, these posts go to automatically to our Facebook, and usually there’s like a certain number of words that make it to the front page. Maybe 100 words or so. And that’s about as much as my parents read. So now that we’re past that, and this won’t pop up on Facebook, I can ask this question. The whole popular vote, crowd size, and now ovation thing all comes back to something about the size of his business, right? Not like Trump Incorporated or whatever it’s called, I’m talking about his man business. Nobody with lots to brag about in that region cares so much about the size of everything around him.


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