There’s A New Football League To Rival The NCAA…And They Pay Well

MLB has a minor league, that pays players. NBA has a D-League, that pays players. Soccer has reserve teams, that pay players. Hockey has lower leagues, that pay players.

But why has it taken so long for the NFL, who makes more money than all of those leagues, refuse to build something like that? Closest thing they’ve got is practice squads, which is a lame attempt. I mean, why not have at least a developmental 7 on 7 league? There you go, I just solved the league’s issues at the quarterback position. Throw the guys like 10K for the whole season.

These Pacific League folks though are throwing real dough at my guys. $50,000 for the season. That’s a good chunk of change for an 18 year old. Plus, I love love love the rule of taking out crossing patterns, kickoffs, and punt returns. Makes it more about actual development than hard nose football. Will they ever be an actual rival to the NCAA? Doubtful. College football backers just have too much money, and the top recruits aren’t going to give up the exposure that an Alabama or Texas gives you. Yet.


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