South Korean Basketball League Does Mid-All Star Game Mannequin Challenge

A few months too late, but hey Korea’s really far away it takes a minute for stuff to get there!

Was hoping I’d watch this clip and grab a blast from the past in the game. You know, a Dejuan Blair or JJ Hickson. No dice. Only a couple names looked familiar, but then upon research I knew none of them. And so here I have to be, trying to write you something funny about this Mannequin Challenge. When we’re like the 10th different website to carry the story, you’ve pretty much already gotten every funny take. So let me float this out to you. If you couldn’t make it in the NBA, and you weren’t worried about the money, where would you go to play? China’s up there for me, but there’s no way I’m lasting 6 months. Anywhere in Europe would, as well, be pretty cool. Maybe Norway or Germany. But I’m not getting rid of the idea of say, Thailand or Indonesia. Really spice things up. Let me know your answer and reasoning in the comments or on Twitter.


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