Report: Yordano Ventura Found Alive After Crash, But Robbed And Left To Die Instead Of Helped

Via (translated by your boy P Lamb himself, put me up against Google Translate):

Journalist Euri Cabral learned that the baseball player Yordona Ventura was found alive, but that people assaulted him instead of helping him, this after he suffered an accident in the 14th KM marker of Juan Adrian Road.

All around sad story, and there’s not a whole lot else to say about that. Any time you see a young athlete, or any young person for that matter, leave behind a family and kids, it’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine how you go about robbing a dying man, and not calling an ambulance or whoever you call. Not going to put myself into their shoes, because I’m imagining you must really be struggling if that’s what you’re doing. Even robbers can have good hearts.

Another thing, I read a story that says Yordano’s family’s only going to get the money if he was legally drunk. Which apparently is a normal thing in sports. Nonetheless, that just punishes the family. I feel like the Royals are good people though, so they’ll surely give the family a good chunk of money to help them out. Depressing stuff on a Tuesday. Bright side, the week can only go up from here.


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