Deshaun Watson tells the Browns “Nah”

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson reportedly declined to attend the upcoming Senior bowl, despite being asked to go by the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have the first pick in the upcoming draft and will be coaching the south team in the senior bowl.

If your Cleveland it’s worth asking him. You get the rare opportunity to coach the kid in a game situation, instead of just watching him throw deep balls to wide open receivers at his pro day. Now that he says no, that might raise a few eyebrows. It’s a face to face interview to become the number one pick, but it seems Watson’s more than happy with the body of work he has displayed.

If any player in this draft deserved to say “nah” to the senior bowl it was Watson. The last two seasons he carried Clemson to back to back title games and just two weeks ago dismantled one of college footballs best defenses in recent years. The man’s tired, and he said it. The senior bowl won’t do as much for Watson as it will for the Browns. His stock really can’t get any higher than after his performance in the national title game.

Also, who knows maybe he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland. This could be the cold shoulder approach. Would he miss out on millions of dollars? yes. But he would also miss out on playing in the basement of the National Football League, while also avoiding one of the top 5 worst places to live(as a millionaire in the NFL).

Take a look at the next two possible destinations for Watson, San Francisco and Chicago. Both teams have better markets, tradition and their city life destroys Cleveland. San Fran and Chicago will be more talented from day one then Cleveland may be for the next 3 years. So why wouldn’t Watson just brush off the Browns?

Last seasons top pick, Jared Goff, signed for just under 28 million. While the second pick Carson Wentz signed at a little over 26.6 million. That doesn’t count their signing bonuses which is probably another million in favor of Goff and the advertisements that come with being the top pick. So ill guess the the difference between number 1 overall and number 2 is like 6 Million(Could be way off, that’s what I call quick math).

Nonetheless, im down for Watson blowing off the Browns if that’s the plan. Puts himself in a better situation from day one and he can make up for that money he misses down the road. We’ve seen it all too many times, going number 1 guarantees nothing.

*Honestly he might just not want to play in the game. But it’s not fun if we don’t make assumptions.

** What if he is trying to avoid the Browns, but then he slides and they get him for cheaper at 12.


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