Blame Zuckerberg For The Antonio Brown Live Stream

Via Pro Football Talk:

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown’s ill-advised decision to broadcast live from the post-game locker room in Kansas City can no longer be chalked up to an exercise of unbridled enthusiasm. Per a league source, Facebook actually encouraged Brown to engage in a Facebook Live session from the locker room after the game. A Facebook spokesperson declined comment on the situation. One other source, speaking on condition of anonymity, admitted that there has been contact between Facebook and Brown but insisted that Brown was not directed to broadcast live from the locker room.


Worth it to note here that Antonio Brown’s got a 6 figure deal with Facebook to do live streaming. Which is a loco amount of money, and one that I didn’t think Facebook was throwing around at these guys to do live streams. I’ll eat peanut butter out of a rabbit carcass for probably 1/10th of what they’re giving Antonio Brown for his live streaming.

The whole story was blown out of proportion from the get so it didn’t even warrant me taking a side. Literally says 0 about who he is as a player, how the team’s run, or how good they’ll play against the Patriots. But now I’m 100% on the side of Antonio Brown. Gotta get your hussles going. They say millionaires have on average 7 different sources of income. Antonio’s already a millionaire with the one source of income, but he’s trying to build an empire. Blame that savvy Zuckerberg, not Antonio.


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