Things I Thought Would Be More Important: The Iditarod

He’s not fully responsible, but Cuba Gooding Jr.’s not fully off the hook either on this one.

cuba gooding jr.jpg

*Which isn’t to throw shade at Snow Dogs, the incredible true story of a former disabled football assistant coach who races in the Iditarod, is accused of murder later on in his life, fathers Khloe Kardashian, and then goes to prison for stealing his own stuff*

Growing up, it seemed to be that the Iditarod was on the level of the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl. Must see sporting events that are crucial elements in understanding our culture and society. Well, we can start off with the fact I don’t have a clue if it’s on TV, or has ever been on TV. Just one of those things that happens, and then every 2nd grade teacher’s talking about it the next day.

I vividly remember learning about it in school, and now you just have to wonder why? Sure, understanding the culture of Alaskans is important. In a perfect world, we would learn about the different games and events that every culture practices. But we just don’t have enough time. Do you think Alaskans are learning about us playing Nerf basketball? Doubtful to say the least.

It’s the X-Games of sports. There’s no rhyme or reason to when it occurs. Nobody really understands why there are people pumped up about it. It just kinda happens. And let me float this out to you, do people go watch? Doesn’t seem like a strong spectator sport, even if it were on television. Someone can fact check me on this, but I think the Iditarod takes an entire year, if not more. If not that long, still too long.


One thought on “Things I Thought Would Be More Important: The Iditarod

  1. I currently live in Tucson, AZ. Prior to Tucson I lived in Southern CA. I happily pay for live streaming Iditarod yearly and am looking forward to this years 🙂


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