My 5 Favorite Tweets From Inauguration Day

Politics not really our strong suit here at the report. Twitter though? That’s a language I understand. And on a day like the Inauguration, you just know Twitter’s going to be at the top of its game. Put me on record as saying Twitter’s the greatest social media that will ever be created. Ever. Yesterday proved that. Let’s rank my 5 favorite Twitter moments from Inauguration Day:

5. Trump vs. Paul Blart 2

Don’t really know how anyone could rate it on Rotten Tomatoes because I don’t think anyone saw it. Is it unfair to put this guy’s picture of someone else as a top 5 tweet? Meh. That’s my answer. Shoutout to the girl on making the sign, and on Eli for giving it to the world.

4. Lincoln Crying Jordan

Just when you think the Crying Jordan’s done, it makes a comeback like this one. Side note: isn’t it weird how all the presidents we think are dope and awesome get these huge monuments in D.C. (as they should), but then are stuck on the lowest currencies (Lincoln on the penny, Washington on the $1)?

3.  Trump Inaugural Concert

I’m really happy that Lincoln assassination jokes are funny now. The strength of a nation’s based on how well they take a joke about their president being murdered. Not sure if any of you watched the Inaugural Concert, but it actually wasn’t the worst. The Piano Guys are always raw, and Toby Keith’s as good as country can be. However, this tweet makes our top 5 because that DJ Ravidrums fellar was absurd.

2. Slick Willie

Hillary’s face when she catches Bill, oh my Lord.

1. W. vs. Poncho

That little smile in the last picture just melts my heart. Any time in the future you’re upset, just remember that this picture exists, and smile like W.


I said top 5, but we needed this one:


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