TIL: Jalen Rose Claims To Be The First Person Ever Named Jalen

Skip to the 2:15 mark in the video below:

One of those situations where I want to say he’s lying, but I just don’t have enough info to say he’s wrong.

A little bit of Googling, and the graphs are showing that the name Jalen went from no popularity to HUGE popularity during Jalen’s time at Michigan:


Not definitive that he was the FIRST, which is his claim, but just that his success spiked the use of the name. Just like there’s more Shaquille’s now than there were in the 1980s. It’s a wild claim to literally be the first person with a given name. But if it’s true, doesn’t get much cooler than that. You become the leader of a whole group of people with your name. Almost like you’re a President, or actually a King. Or a dictator. I think Kim Jong-Un made everyone in North Korea rename themselves Kim. Debatable to say the least. Let’s just let Jalen have this one, I don’t have the steam to fight him.

UPDATE: My good friend Jalen has doubled down on the story:


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