Westbrook And KD Are Never Going To Be Friends, Why Are We Angry About That?

Your boy was, obviously, rooting for OKC last night. Which was tough, because BREAKING NEWS Golden State’s good as hell.

But almost the entire game, the announcers and the in-studio people went into length about how they hope KD and Westbrook can get along again someday. That they can reconcile their differences. Let’s check into the after-game to see how Westbrook’s trying to reconcile the differences:

Kevin Durant’s the kind of guy that wants “buddies” in the NBA. He wants the bromance that Derozan and Kyle Lowry, Klay and Steph, or Wade and Lebron have. Russell Westbrook wants to make absolutely 0 friends. What about his personality would make you think otherwise? That’s why they broke up. It wasn’t because KD wanted “championships”, but because he wants friends. Which is the lamest reason in the world to switch teams.

So no, they’re never going to be buddies. That’s Westbrook’s choice and I love how old school and revengeful it is. OKC’s never going to beat GSW in a series. They’re still a piece or two away from that, and admittedly Westbrook too often forces shots in order to make a statement. But we’re going to get the dunk on KD at some point. They’re going to scuffle. KD’s going to get booed in OKC. All of that’s good for us, the fans, and for the powers that be, the NBA.

It’s not fair to say that a guy can NEVER leave the team that drafted him. “Loyalty” is overrated in the multi-billion dollar NBA. Like, there’s free agency for a reason. But that’s not why Westbrook hates Durant. If KD went to Boston or wherever else, this is barely a conversation. Westbrook’s anger comes from the guy taking the easy way out, taking the path of least resistance, and then acting like what was holding him back was his old teammate. That should piss a guy off. That should motivate him. That should be a reason to end a “friendship”, which I doubt ever existed in the first place.


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