“Johnny Tough Guy” Zaza Pachulia Wants No Piece Of Westbrook


Then Westbrook’s comments about it after the game:

Zaza freaking Pachulia. You get a few hundred thousand votes from your boys back in Georgia, and all of a sudden you’re tough as nails.

This happens with everybody who goes to the Warriors. They start to think they’re invincible, and that because the team’s playing well, it’s because of them solely. Mo Speights was a big talker in his days, and I haven’t heard about him since. So don’t even entertain me with a Zaza Pachulia-Russell Westbrook conversation. Unless it’s a conversation about the All-Star game, which will be the most passive-aggressive roster in the history of the game. I need Westbrook dunking on Zaza even though they’re on the same team. I need Westbrook on the court with 4 Warriors. Taking bets now on the number of times Westbrook passes to them, over/under 0.5.


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