Things I thought would be more important: Cursive writing

This is actually a pretty popular one for our generation, we were all bamboozled. I did not learn to write in cursive until 6th grade. I think that’s late because everyone around me seemed to know how to do it. I was so bad I use to to look up each letter one at a time, and trace it onto my paper. Anything over four letter words had me looking at my teacher like:

Image result for please help will smith

I remember my teacher stressing to me everyday “You have to learn this if you want to keep up in High school”. So everyday I had to fill out these:

Image result for cursive

I constantly wondered why the lowercase b and l looked so similar. Why did they change some letters so drastically while others just got a a squiggle at the end?

Yet in the end it didn’t matter. From my first day of high school to my last day, I didn’t write a single paper or homework assignment in cursive. How did nobody see that technology was moving so rapidly, we would barely be writing on notebook paper.

Honestly, cursive’s last saving grace is the Signature and that’s on it’s last breath because soon enough were either signing stuff with our touch id, or eye scanners.

*Actually really liked my 6th grade teacher, very nice lady.



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