Siena Coach Shakes Invisible Hands After Rider Storms Off Court Without Shaking Hands

Let’s get a little context here. With just a few minutes left in the game, a bit of a scuffle broke out, and ended with the coaches face to face screaming at each other. Here’s the videos:

Siena and Rider are always around in March as a 16 seed, and every year I think they’re fake schools. Honestly, just the word “Siena” doesn’t sound like it should be a word, but yet we have burnt Siena, an all-time overrated color.

Look, if you’re the head basketball coach at Siena or Rider, basketball has to be your lifeblood. Because you’re not doing it for the money or the fame or the championships. With that probably comes high blood pressure, and so we get these great scuffles. No beef with the scuffle. In fact, no beef with the Rider coach walking off the court. Sportsmanship’s important and all that, but making a point’s more important. Never, though, did the Rider coach see this coming from the Siena coach. It’s the perfect comeback. Right when the Rider coach thinks he has his moment to make a point, the Siena coach stole it away. A new era in this storied rivalry, can’t wait for the Metro Atlantic Athletic conference tourney!


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