Oregon’s Football Workouts Are So Hard They Sent 3 Players To The Hospital Last Week

Via OregonLive.com:

At least three Oregon Ducks football players were hospitalized after enduring a series of grueling strength and conditioning workouts at UO last week, The Oregonian/OregonLive has learned.

Offensive linemen Doug Brenner and Sam Poutasi and tight end Cam McCormick are in fair condition and remained at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend in Springfield on Monday, a hospital spokeswoman said. They have been in the hospital since late last week after workouts that occurred during the team’s return from holiday break.

Poutasi’s mother, Oloka, said that her son complained of very sore arms after the workouts and had been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a syndrome in which soft muscle tissue is broken down with “leakage into the blood stream of muscle contents,” according to the NCAA medical handbook. Depending on the severity, it has the potential to lead to damaged kidneys.

Pros of playing at Oregon:

  1. Tons of free Nike Stuff
  2. Dope locker room and facilities
  3. Like 10,000 different jersey combos every year

Cons of playing at Oregon:

  1. The strength and conditioning coaches might make you workout so hard that your kidneys fail and you die

Just another thing you have to take into consideration if you’re a top high school football recruit. What do you love more, football or your kidneys? The answer says a lot about how successful of a football player you’ll be.


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