Lady Gaga’s Trying To Do The Half Time Show From THE TOP OF HOUSTON’S STADIUM

Via PageSix:

Lady Gaga wants to sing on the roof of the Super Bowl — and lawyers and technicians alike are trying to figure out how to make her ambitious plan work. Gaga has come up with the elaborate, and somewhat dangerous, idea to sing from the top of the NRG Stadium’s dome in Houston as part of her spectacular halftime show on Feb. 5.

Organizers are also considering “airlifting” the famously outrageous performer onto the stadium, where yet-to-be-decided teams will compete in Super Bowl LI. Meanwhile, we’re told that perturbed pen pushers are working just as hard on the project. “Trying to figure out insurance for it is crazy,” said the worried insider.

Put this in the category of “Things the World Doesn’t Need”. Shoot while we’re at it, the Super Bowl half-time show’s one of the most overrated television events every single year. The only times you remember it is when there’s mistakes or something controversial. So even if Gaga does this, the fact is that you’re only going to remember it and care about it if she falls and dies.

And btw, you shouldn’t get to have insurance for this. Lady Gaga shouldn’t get to sue NRG Stadium or whoever if she gets hurt, or collect an insurance paycheck, because the stadium wasn’t built to host a nut on top of it. Go up there and sing on top of the stadium, but that should be  on you. Don’t put more pressure on Morris from human resources who now has to work overtime every day for the next two weeks to try and find someone to cover you just because you want the publicity. Morris wants to go home to his wife and family.


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