Joel Embiid Called Milwaukee A “Shithole” On Instagram

Joel Embiid trying to single-handedly build new rivalries through his social media, and I love it. East is making a strong comeback. Give it like 4 more years, and it’ll be stronger than the West.

But on the Milwaukee being a shithole note, got to disagree with you kid. Granted, it’s a bit industrial. However, there’s some positives. Lots of cheese, beer, and sausages. They’ve got the whole SummerFest thing going for them too, which is nice? Admittedly, that wasn’t the best argument for Milwaukee. I tried to get hot about something I’m not hot about. Embiid could put “Shithole” as the location for probably 80% of the cities in the East they play in too, so if you’re a Milwaukeean, don’t be offended.

Update: just looked at the cities in the Eastern conference, and most of them are actually cool as hell (Miami, Chicago, Orlando), so that last line’s irrelevant now


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