Why Would The Cavs Trade For Carmelo?

Really any team for that matter.

In case you missed it, here’s the quote from Carmelo this weekend:

Just before that, the rumor came out that there were two teams that Melo would consider waiving his no trade clause for:

Melo trade talks are fun and all, but they’re the same as the Derrick Rose talks were a year ago. Nobody’s going to trade for a guy past his prime, who’s been plagued with injuries, and has a gigantic contract. Why would the Cavs, who damn near have a PERFECT roster, trade for a guy who hasn’t shot over 46% from the field in 10 years? Why would they try to force shots to another underachieving 4 when they’ve already spent two years doing it with K Love?

And for the Clippers, it just seems irrelevant. Only reason Melo would wave the clause is because he wants to be in Los Angeles, but the Lakers are in their rebuild too far to take a step back. Melo’s better off retiring. It’s over my man.


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