Can’t Stand How Good/Lucky Aaron Rodgers Always Gets At End Of Games

If you somehow missed the game yesterday, here’s the throw from Rodgers that set the Packers up for the game winning field goal:

Maybe it’s disrespectful to his talent to call it lucky. But at some point, luck’s just come on his side for whatever reason. All the Hail Marys, all the escaped tackles, all the calls he gets, and then this dime last night’s just the cherry on top.

Rolling to his left. Just flicking his wrist and landing it in the perfect pot to Jared Cook (whose catch is equally impressive).  Right after the Cowboys scored, I looked at the time and got disappointed. There needed to be 0:00 for them to me to be comfortable there. Because it was just enough time for Aaron Rodgers to do some ridiculous and lucky shit. Again. Per usual. It just seems that whenever you don’t think a quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, or his receivers, do it. It’s not like Aaron Rodgers knows how to throw a Hail Mary better than anybody else. But for some reason, the Good Lord shines on him.


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