Steph Curry Being On Family Guy Put Me In An Emotional Pretzel

Shoot, that was actually funny. How am I, and the rest of #NeverSteph people supposed to deal with this? Is there a way to separate Steph on the court from Steph off the court? Of course, the answer’s no. Because Lebron doesn’t get that pass, so nobody else gets to have it. Your boy was, indeed, one of the people that took issue with Steph bringing his daughter to every single post game press conference, because it became a way to get out of answering or getting asked hard questions. Not that I don’t love the move from a tactical standpoint, it’s just that people had a right to take issue. Digressed for a minute, might as well digress for another. Does Family Guy air on TV new any more? Because if so, they really don’t need to be doing that. Thy’re an all-time great re-runs show, so maybe every couple of weeks, they could just throw a new show into the 8 hours that TBS and Adult Swim show daily. Save whatever time slot they’re in now for someone else.



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