Friday The 13th: Unlucky Scenarios For Each NFL Divisional Round Game

Friday The 13th is considered an unlucky day to those who are superstitious. I am one of these people who believes in superstitious activity. So I have compiled a list of unlucky scenarios for each NFL Divisional Playoff game that would make them ALMOST as unwatchable as Wild Card weekend was.
Seahawks at Falcons
Russell Wilson is married to Ciara. Ciara’s ex is Future. Future was not happy that Russell Wilson was with his ex. Future is from Atlanta. The Seahawks play in Atlanta. Maybe Future finds Russell Wilson today, kidnaps him Celtic Pride style, forcing Wilson to miss the game.
Texans at Patriots
This one is tough. Houston has been living a Friday The 13th nightmare since finding out where they had to play this week. The Texans went to New England to play a Jacoby Brissett led Patriots team earlier in the year and lost 27-0. Having to go back to New England and play the Patriots, with Tom Brady this time, is unlucky enough for them.
Steelers at Chiefs
Travis Kelce scores a touchdown today in practice. Twerks in the end zone making fun of Antonio Brown, like he did to Marquette King. Out of no where comes Joey Porter to spear Kelce injuring him for their matchup on Sunday. You know, since Joey Porter is allowed to go out on the field, at anytime, do whatever he wants and not be punished for it (last years’ Wild Card game in Cincinnati).
Packers at Cowboys
Probably the best matchup of the weekend. The easy “unlucky scenario” for this game would be if Dak Prescott got hurt today in practice and Tony Romo had to play QB. I’m going to take it one step further. What if Chris Jones got injured today in practice? Who is Chris Jones you ask? Not only is he the punter for the Dallas Cowboys, he is also the placeholder. Which means if he gets hurt, the backup QB will likely take over the role of placeholder. The backup QB is Tony Romo. We all know what happens next…
There you have it. Friday The 13th unlucky scenarios that could make Divisional weekend as brutal to watch as Wild Card weekend was. Let’s hope, for the sake of playoff football, every scenario is avoided.

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