Finally, The Chargers Can Go Somewhere With A Bunch Of PF Chang’s

Feels good to be home mama!

I’m going to make my millions one day by starting a business that purges people’s and team’s social medias. Tomi Lahren’s going through that now. Larry Nance went through it after he got drafted. And apparently the Chargers need my services as well. This PF Chang’s tweet comes on my timeline no less than 3 times per month. 22K retweets and they still haven’t deleted it. Still struggling to figure out if I love the move of keeping it up, or thing they’re just clueless. Nonetheless, I’m happy that whatever intern was running their Twitter in 2007, and is now in their communications office, can have a different PF Chang’s every month for the next year after the move.

Oh and there’s small chance that LA can handle two NFL teams. I’ll say this, the Rams put up some impressive attendance numbers, second in the league last season for home teams. And the Chargers were dead last. Personally if I’m in Los Angeles, going to a non-USC football game’s pretty far down the list. Very far after going to a PF Chang’s.


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