The Bulls Telling Rondo They’re “Saving Him From Himself” Is Beyond Wild

Rondo and I apparently are sharing the same New Year’s resolution, and that’s to be fully transparent. Holding no punches.

If this is true, and for the record Hoiberg said he hadn’t heard that, it’s a wild and irresponsible thing for the coaching staff to say. Saving Rondo from himself? Rondo’s a diva, I understand that much. But guy’s 30 years old and in his 12th NBA season. He’s closing in on 700 career games and 100 career playoff games. A 4-time All-Star and 2-time 1st-team all-defense, who led the league 3 times in assists per game, and oh yeah is an NBA champion. You’re telling me that this 1st-year Bulls coaching staff is going to “save him from himself”? What the hell does that even mean? Rajon Rondo’s a man. A man with attitude, but a whole ass man. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s aware of how he could change and conform to any team. It’s a conscious decision not to.

Bench Rondo because he’s fighting with his teammates or coaches. Bench him because he’s not playing well. Bench him because he ruins the chemistry. But do not act like you’re saving the career of a 4-time All-Star by throwing him at the end of the bench.


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