Let’s Figure Out What Grayson Allen Could Do To Be Actually Disciplined By Duke

The tripping stories have become older than Abraham with Grayson Allen. He did the old Trump, where he just does something outrageous so many times that people become numb to it.

Thankfully, Grayson’s got a new gig pushing coaches in the face now:

Saw Duke fans trying to defend him and say it wasn’t a push, and that’s just irresponsible. Own that shit. You’re Duke, people hate you, and you’re supposed to love that.

Not a chance he gets suspended for this, at all. Let’s go down the list of things that could maybe possibly if we’re lucky get Grayson Allen suspended for more than one game:

  • Killing someone and letting the blood get on the Duke logo (has to stain the court)
  • Trafficking Pangolins
  • Telling Coach K he looks like a mortician
  • Have a UNC girlfriend
  • Grow a beard

That’s what it’s going to take. Something above and beyond the call of duty. Let me know on Twitter what you think it would take.



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