First Dabo Swinney Cried After The Win, Then He Called Colin Cowherd A Fraud

Already wrote it today, but how in the world do you not go play for Dabo Swinney nowadays? Definition of a players coach. As humble as a national championship coach can be. Relatable. Fun to be around. And of course, an incredible football coach. I’m not even a Clemson fan, but Dabo had me teary-eyed when he threw out the “just a guy from Alabama” line.

But I’ve got issue with the Colin Cowherd line. Big time Colin Cowherd fan because he’s not like Skip Bayless where he says stupid stuff just to get ratings. I think he truly believes everything he says. Granted, he goes strong with all of his opinions, but as he’s said, that’s the only way to make it in the industry. You can’t have lukewarm takes. Props to Dabo for calling him out by now, but I don’t know that it was called for. Sure, use it as motivation that there are people in the media calling you frauds. Right after a championship though you have to call him out? Just hold that trophy up, it speaks for itself.


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