Alabama’s Still The Better Football Team, But Clemson Was Good When It Mattered

Friendly reminder that Clemson beat Troy by one touchdown this year, and lost to Pittsburgh, two very bad teams.

Second friendly reminder that Bama beat USC by 46, and shutout LSU at LSU, two very good teams.

You probably hate when people say this after title games, but it’s just true that Alabama’s the better football team. Through and through, if you had to judge the two seasons and rosters side by side, you’d say Alabama’s by far superior.

But that’s the incredible thing about sports, especially college football. That even when a team’s clearly the best in the land, they aren’t automatically the champions. Soccer does that thing where if you’re the best team in the regular season, you’re the champs. How laaaaaaame is that nonsense. Even though you proved weekly you were the best, we make you prove it again and again. In the end, Clemson delivered when it mattered, and Bama didn’t. You don’t see Nick Saban blow a lot of 10 point leads in the second half, but here we are. That’s all the credit in the world to Deshaun Watson outlasting the Bama defense, and Mike Williams being a freak of nature, and all of the Tigers team for showing up when it mattered.

A few final observations:

  1. Deshaun Watson’s good, but @Bears please don’t get caught up in the hype
  2. Nick Saban’s going to be the most maniacal perfectionist the next 365 days
  3. Mike Williams, oh my gawd


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