Welcome To M.O.M.S. Basement, Crossover Report’s Newest Podcast

Them boys up to SOMETHING.

Happy Monday, and happy new podcast day to all of the Crossover Report podcasts. Welcome along our newest podcasters from Mind Over Matter Sports, aka M.O.M.S. Basement. Little off the cuff sports discussion from a Chicago sports point of view, perfect for all you meatball Bears and Bulls fans, as well as both North and South Siders.

So without further hub bub, check out the boys new podcast (soon to be on Itunes, I promise). One small thing to consider, and this is with the utmost respect to Joe: not only is he wearing a Squints shirt, but he looks EXACTLY like him. Enjoy, subscribe, download, tell your waiters and waitresses:


Podcasting’s only going to get more popular from our end. Millz and I’s football podcast during the regular season did numbers. Crow Radio did numbers before it went on a short hiatus. 3 Guys, 1 Mic will make a triumphant return, that’ll of course be better than ever. That being said, if you think you or you and your friends either have a funny podcast, or can come up with a funny podcast, now’s the time for you to join our forces. Any subject, as long as you’re funny and don’t take yourself too seriously. We’ll help you every step along the way. Email me at tips@crossoverreport.com, or hit me up in our Twitter DMs (be persistent, we get lots of spam). See you on the other side.


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