2017 Needs More Coaches Fights

ICYMI, the Missouri and Georgia coaches went at it yesterday:

Georgia and Missouri are…rivals?

Either way, they clearly aren’t big fans of each other. That’s evident when the coaches start fighting. Because there goes any teaching moment you’ll have the rest of the season. You can’t fight, and then yell at players for fighting. If you’re willing to give up that leverage, the beef is as real as Wendy’s claims theirs is. I took issue in the Last Chance U documentary when the coach punched a damn ref, and then tried to yell at his players for fighting when one of their guys was getting curb stomped. Not fair. If you’re going to fight, your whole team just has to be fighters now.

For this whole year, let’s get more of this. Cal and Pitino throwing hands. Harbaugh and Meyer. Joe Maddon and ______ (insert another baseball manager, cause I’ve got nothing). If I’m the owner of the team, I’m giving out extensions to guys willing to fight for my team. Remind me at March Madness time to make a bracket of fighting coaches, thanks.


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