USC Commit With The Best Blocked Kick Probably Ever

Never in my life have I seen someone block a kick by kicking it out of the holder’s hand. First off, it takes major balls, because lots can go wrong. Kicker can straight kick you in the business while you’re there. Holder can pull it away with a little Charlie Brown action. Or you can break the holder’s hand, in which case you just look like a jackass.

What really happened here is that he got there quicker than he expected, and didn’t know what to do. No tape or coaching on what to do there, just have to go with instinct. I don’t even know if it was a kick, as much as it was a running through the ball kind of thing. When in doubt on the football field, you just have to keep running so coach makes you happy.

And Bubba Bolden’s going to be a first round pick one day based solely off name


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