Jim Mora: “As far as I know, spread teams have never won a national championship.”

UCLA head coach Jim Mora was asked about the process of hiring new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch earlier today and his response was….comical?

Wait, what? Spread teams have NEVER won a national championship? Two things came to mind when I saw this: either Jim Mora is taking a subtle shot at a team like Oregon, or he is just completely clueless.

Since 2005, five national titles have been won by teams that run a spread offense. How could Jim Mora forget about the 2005 National Championship Game? Vince Young and Texas, with their spread offense, took down USC in what was arguably one of the greatest college football games ever played. Urban Meyer, and his spread offense, has won three National Championships with two different teams: Florida (2006 & 2008) and Ohio State (2014). Auburn, led by Cam Newton and a spread offense, defeated Oregon in the 2010 National Championship. Five championships over the past eleven years.

Maybe Jim Mora was taking a shot at Oregon, which I hope is true because that would make this quote hilarious. Or, maybe he’s just absolutely clueless.


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