Is Joel Embiid Angling For Rihanna or Nicki Minaj? Let’s Investigate

Embiid had too much time on his hands when he was recovering from injuries those first couple years in the league. Waaaaaay too much time that he filled in with tweeting constantly. It was well documented then that ole boy wanted a piece of Rihanna:

All signs pointing towards Riri, but then we get this tweet from some Philly media guy yesterday that threw a wrench into the whole damn thing. Shoutout to Twitter user @jimadair3 for getting our wheels turning on the Nicki-Joel thought process:

Up front, I’d still be surprised if either of them went for Embiid. I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t make sense in my head. Now when Embiid talks about the girl he said shut him down and said “come back when you’re an all-star”, it’s in reference to Rihanna. There’s no denying that. One, because the original tweet was back in 2014, the same time as those tweets above:

And also the same time that Embiid was roasting the shit out of Nicki Minaj on Twitter for her anaconda video:

Not a great look to be calling your crush ratchet, if his crush were indeed Nicki. However, Embiid threw one more tweet at the end of it that gives a little bit of hope for yous rooting for an Embiid-Minaj romance:

At the least, that’s Embiid leaving the door open for Nicki. When I started researching this, I was also going to throw in that Nicki’s a Philly girl. Breaking news, she’s not. Before you jump on my back for not knowing that though, it’s a factual statement that you didn’t know she’s from Trinidad and Tobago. You just didn’t know that. That’s not quite as hot as Rihanna being from Barbados, but it’s close. That alone keeps Nicki in the running.

Lastly, let’s take a look at Joel’s relationships with these two’s exes:

That’s very telling in my opinion. Because you’re not going to be buddy buddy with a guy who’s girl you’re taking. Embiid’s photo with Drake oozes respect. The one with Meek? He’s literally asking Sixers phones to roast dude. That’s the way you treat someone who’s woman you’re stealing away.

Plus, you’re a dumb person if you can’t see Drake loves Rihanna, and vice versa. Would be hard for me to believe that long term Rihanna’s ever choosing Embiid over Drake. All in all though, short term, it’s not the worst strategy on her end to go on a few dates with Embiid. Drake’s been doing the J Lo thing for a minute now trying to make Rihanna jealous, so her firing back with Embiid wouldn’t be bad. Maybe she should shoot a little higher, but you gotta start somewhere.

For Nicki though, what better way to disrespect Meek than to date the star player of his home town team? And don’t bring any of the “she’s not the revenge type” stuff into this. We’re all the revenge type. Overall, this investigation was inconclusive. We can all agree though, that we just want Joel to find love.



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