ESPN Graphic Shows Bill Walton And Dave?? (Pasch) On The Call

If I told you Bill Walton was on the broadcast of a game and his partner made more waves on Twitter than him, you would call me a crazy person. That’s probably fair, but last night that statement came true. During a matchup between Oregon and Washington, on ESPN’s lower third graphic, that features names of the broadcasters, Dave Pasch’s name was changed to “Dave??”

This seems to be happening more and more these days. Whether it’s ESPN, FS1, CBS, NBC, or any other broadcasting company, we’ve seen an increase in graphic mishaps. Maybe this has been happening all along and this is just another case of something getting more notoriety due to the growth of social media and screen grabs. Whatever the case, I am all for it. I don’t known if these are being done on purpose or they are simply honest mistakes. Either way, I find them absolutely hilarious and hope they continue for years to come.


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