Things I Thought Would Be More Important: The Equator

Oooooh doggy your favorite blogs are back for the New Year.

When I was 9, I could’ve been convinced that we kept the Ten Commandments, Fountain of Youth, and Yeti carcasses at the Equator. Seemed like such an essential part to our ecosystem, planet, and livelihood. Deadass thought there was a connection between the equator and AT LEAST one of the following things:

  1. Waves
  2. Gravity
  3. Clouds

Wow, what a surprise though, we’ve been lied to by the mainstream school system. Equator’s nothing more than a fancy word for middle. Just a point of reference. Not sure who it’s a point of reference for, maybe ships? (Side note, ships are fascinating to me. Like cargo ships? So much different stuff going so many different places. Losing focus quickly, let’s get back on track.) But they’re not even using the equator any more. We’ve got this thing called GPS, ever heard of it? Sure, there’s probably some nerds out there using the equator for math and/or science stuff. Could even float maybe an economical reason for the equator. If you’ve got any reason I need to still care about it, drop me a note in the comments.


One thought on “Things I Thought Would Be More Important: The Equator

  1. The equator is interesting because it the daylight is constant, water doesn’t circle down the plug, it goes straight down and its the most intense point of the suns rays.


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