Does The Kardashian Curse Expand To Jenners? Chandler Parsons Investigates

Via TMZ:// Parsons is our Patient Zero. We’ve seen what the Kardashian blood does to athletes (I’m not going to list all of them, you’ve seen how far their operations reach). But does the Jenner blood even it out?

According to TMZ, Parsons has been messing with Kendall Jenner a lot over the last few weeks, partying with her a bunch and whatnot.

Look, guy’s good looking. That’s something every heterosexual male should be able to admit. His flirting game might not be the best:

But he pulls nonetheless. To the matter at hand, whether or not that Jenner blood overrules the Kardashian curse, I’m torn. On the one hand, Kendall’s the most normal of all them. She’s the one person from that whole family who I’d be surprised to see a sex tape of, which says a lot in that crew. As well, she was with Jordan Clarkson for a minute, and he was still balling. Jenner blood’s been beaten before (see Bruce), but it hasn’t destroyed before.

On the other hand, don’t ever doubt the dormant Kardashian blood within Kendall. It’s going to come out like a gopher and rip your face off while you sleep. I’ve got this irrational fear that Kris Jenner’s somehow going to ruin my own life, and I’ve never been within 500 miles of them (rough estimate). Godspeed Chandler.



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