Celtics Fans Are Pushing Jae Crowder Out…Why?

After last night’s win:


Remember that summer that Jimmy Butler got an apartment with no cable, got rid of his phone, and played basketball and worked out with his boys like 14 hours a day? Jae Crowder’s one summer away from that. He’s an elite defender. His offense has improved. Any team in the East would welcome him with open arms, because not only is he not afraid to play against Lebron, he can hang with Lebron defensively. Statistically, he’s shooting at the highest percentages of his career. Room to improve? No doubt.

But guy’s played on broken this and that, he’s torn ligaments, gotten punched in the face by JR Smith, and a litany of other things. You’d think if there were a guy for Boston fans to embrace, it would be the tough, gritty, hard-working defender with lots of emotion, aka Jae Crowder. Not sure when the mood changed, but they’ll miss him when he’s gone. Granted, that won’t be until 2019-2020 at the earliest, barring a trade.


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