Remember When Parks And Rec Predicted The Cubs World Series A Year Before It Happened?

Because I didn’t.

Granted, that wasn’t a crazy prediction to make. Cubs had the best roster in baseball and set themselves up for a run. You’re probably thinking “Paul this is such a recycled article, we’re like 2 months past the Cubbies championship”. Okay well true, it’s a little late. But total transparency, I just so happened to be watching this episode of Parks and Rec yesterday. So take that mean internet commenter.

And when I saw it, I felt like we didn’t talk about it enough. Folks are still hyped about the Back to the Future prediction because it was so close, yet Parks and Rec casually dropped this nugget in an episode for you to notice while you binge Parks and Rec and avoid any responsibilities despite the fact that it’s a new year and you’re almost a true grown up and you really should be getting yourself ready for the future(reel it in paul). While it’s not impressive to say the Cubs won a championship, it’s impressive that they picked it to be 2016 that they won the championship instead of 2015. Also, very impressive that I was watching it in 2017, a date that seemed very far away when the episode first aired. Wow. What a world we live in.


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