Rajon Rondo on the Move?

Recently my respect for Rajon Rondo has been reduced and my alliteration skills have increased.  Rondo may be a stat sheet stuffer (7.2 PPG, 6.5 RPG, and 7.1 APG this season), however, he is not the best guy to have on the court nor in the locker room.  When he doesn’t get his way he lets everyone around him know, including the fans.  I was very excited to get him this offseason, but his recent performance on the court has caused many fans (including myself) to become annoyed.

I attended a Bulls game last week and Rondo had a great first quarter, he reeled in eight rebounds.  After the first quarter he basically fell off the face of the earth; turning the ball over and shooting three pointers, when everyone knows that he is a terrible shooter.  Over his last six games he is shooting 9-43 (20.9%).  He was recently benched by coach Fred Hoiberg after a few more terrible performances.  Don’t worry Bulls fans, this is not a bad decision by Hoiberg, I applaud him for the decision because Rondo has had a history of not listening to his coaches. The only way to get him to listen is to bench him.

This benching persuaded Rondo to go meet with the Bulls front office the other day where he said that he would like to be traded if he was going to continue to be benched.  Personally, I think that Rajon just needs to grow up a bit, he is a very talented player, but he doesn’t understand that some nights aren’t going to be his nights, he needs to be a better teammate.

Rondo will most likely be traded in the next few weeks.  If he is, this next team will be his fifth different team in the last three years.


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