5 Sports Predictions For 2017

First off, happy New Year. I know there’s plenty of hardos out there that say how stupid New Year’s Day and all that is, but your boy loves it. Nice to get a fresh start with everything.

Second off, it’s well known that literally no journalist or blogger ever has gotten famous off of making the right prediction on things. They’re fun to make, but they’re in no way a good way to measure how much someone knows about a sport, or how good their blog or whatever is.

Third, that being said, here are my five sports predictions for 2017:

  • At least one entire sports team will boycott the White House after winning a championship
    • Not talking like one or two players, because that happens every year no matter who the President is. But with Trump? We’ll see an entire team boycott (aka the Cavs)
  • Johnny Manziel will start an NFL game
    • There are sooooo many bad quarterbacks in the NFL. Somebody will get desperate enough
  • A 16 seed will win a game in the NCAA tournament
    • This one’s a little tougher to sell, because it’s more of just something I’ve been waiting my whole life for. Also tough because each 1 seed will be VERY good this year, unlike previous seasons. If I had to pick one though to fall to a 16 seed, it’s either Kansas (known to shit the bed in the NCAA tournament) or Baylor if they somehow have a #1 seed.
  • Tom Brady will retire
    • 2nd straight prediction that could blow up in my face within the first 1/4 of 2017. I think he would’ve retired last year if the DeflateGate nonsense hadn’t dragged out. He wants Roger Gooddell to hand him one more Super Bowl trophy, then he’s calling it quits. Book it.
  • Seattle will get an NBA team
    • Through either relocation or expansion. Despite what people say, there’s more talent in the league now than ever before. And, more talent overseas and in the D-League. Enough to field two more NBA teams. That’s what I would prefer. Relocation of a current team’s possible, but their best chance was to relocate the Kings in 2013. Either way, Seattle will have a basketball team in the works by this time in 2018.

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