My 5 Favorite Stories On Crossover Report From 2016

We had some unbelievable takes and stories this year on the Report, and we’ve been growing and growing the entire time. Much thanks to all of y’all for being along for the ride with us. Let’s look back at my picks for the best that the Report had to offer this year:

5. Adam Laroche Chooses Sex Slavery Over Baseball

My favorite headline of the year, and it’s not even close. The entire Laroche story was wackadoo from the get go. I’m all for family, but bringing your 12 year old kid to work with you every single day is weird weird weird.

adam laroche

4. OLYMPICS UPDATE: Kayaker Flips Over After Hitting Couch

Not to toot our own horn, but our Olympics coverage was second to nobody. Was very close to my 5 favorite stories all being from the Olympics. To say picking only a couple of them to be on this list was hard is an understatement. Didn’t even bring my best takes to this article, but the story so perfectly represented the Rio Olympics that we had to keep it in.

coach in water.jpg

3. Absurd Reasons To Pick These Cinderella Teams

One of those that definitely didn’t get the amount of clicks that it deserved. Through and through, this is exactly what we want Crossover Report to be. Funny, but by the end, you’re starting to actually believe in all of it.

dicky v

2. A Ridiculous Coincidence… Pick Arkansas-Little Rock

Keep it rolling with the Nick March Madness articles. This is one of those articles that when Crossover Report’s worth $100 billion, we’ll point to as a turning point. Once again, it didn’t get as many clicks as it should have. But our own Nick Damiani was on an ISLAND with this pick. And it became the basis for some of our best 3 Guys, 1 Mic moments. Stuff like that is why people should be reading Crossover Report.

little rock

1b. RIO UPDATE: Mongolian Get Naked On Mat In Protest Of Officiating

1a. RIO UPDATE: Diving Team Separates (And Places Last) After One Walks In On The Other With A Coneist 

I hate when writers do the 1a and 1b thing when they’re doing a list. It’s such a Bleacher Report move that I need to shower after writing this because I feel so dirty.

But they were both unbelievably deserving to top the list. The headline on the Mongolian wrestling coaches was as funny of a headline that you’ll ever read. You don’t even need to read the article to laugh and say that it’s a funny story. Plus, this was one of the funniest gifs of the year. Love how the guy on the left is straight GASSED from the protest:

mongolia wrestling

There is, however, a reason that the diver sex story’s 1a. Sex. Canoes. Fighting. Hard bodies (although you could argue the soft bodies of the Mongolian wrestling coaches were equally intriguing). This story had everything you could ever want in a story. The takes from my end were excellent, not to brag. Just Brazilians doing Brazilian things. For the sake of this blog, we need to have the Olympics every year.

rio divers.jpg

Hit me up on Twitter if you think one of these articles sucked, or what should’ve made the list. There were easily a dozen pieces that we had that could’ve made the list. But I’m a guy that knows how to make the tough decisions, so I went ahead and made the tough decisions. See you in 2017 friends.



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