Ali Once Trash Talked Sonny Liston So Bad, Liston Shot At Him (VIDEO)

Cliche to say that we need more of this in sports, but damnit we need more of this sports.

Cockiness level 10000 on Ali’s part to drive the bus to Sonny Liston’s house with a bus saying he’s the biggest coward in the world. And obviously, for Liston to pull out the gun with blanks in it, without telling everybody else what was going on, is unheard of.

Now, hate to be the Devil’s advocate, but I sniffed this out as a coy (spell check or make dictionary check) marketing strategy from the two of them. Back then, they didn’t just have cameras rolling all the time like we do now. I’d have an easier time believing this if it were today, and it was a cell phone camera taking the video. Doesn’t make the video any worse though. By the way, if this were modern day, Conor McGregor would literally murder his opponent. And I’d retweet the video of that shit.


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