#JustSouthernThings: Bama D-Lineman Blows Off Finger With Gun, Will Miss Playoffs

Via AL.com:

Dakota Ball stood out as Alabama players filtered into the Georgia Dome for Thursday’s Peach Bowl Media Day. The defensive lineman wore a smile, his recognizable beard and nine fingers. This senior won’t be playing Saturday afternoon against Washington because of an accident that occurred two weeks ago Thursday in Calhoun, Georgia. Ball was enjoying some downtime with a friend in the break before bowl practices, riding four-wheelers and doing a little hunting. They were riding along when it happened. “I shot my finger off with a 12-gauge shotgun,” he said. “It’s completely gone,” he said. “I shot it right at the knuckle and blew it off.”

Only in the South. Southeast for that matter. If you had to take a guess as to why a guy for Alabama would be missing a game, this would be like 2nd or 3rd behind a football-related injury.

Let me float this out there though. Why can’t he play? Not like he has nerve damage. Finger’s gone, let’s move forward with our lives. I can’t source this, but I promise I read a story some time this decade about a high school player in Iowa with a dislocated finger who decided to cut off part of his pinky, IN GAME, rather than miss even a single play. Sooooo Dakota, let’s do our best JPP impression and find the field this weekend.


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