Hey Bill Walton, Just Chill Out

The other night Bill Walton went on a rant after Dillon Brooks of the Oregon Ducks hit a game winner to beat UCLA.  There was still time on the clock after Brooks hit the three, but that didn’t stop UCLA students from storming the court.  Obviously that is embarrassing and miss timed, however, Bill Walton should just chill out about “banning” the art of storming the court (also stop referring to the Pac-12 as the “conference of champions”, the conference hasn’t won a national championship in basketball since 1997).  Walton argued that storming the court is very dangerous, but aren’t most things in life dangerous?

I personally love storming the court, my high school did it numerous times during the four years that I was there and let me tell you, it is a hype way to end a game when your team was predicted to lose, but your team pulls through.  It’s even more special when your team wins on a buzzer beater.  I hope that before I graduate college I am able to storm the court!

Here is some proof to what I am trying to say, enjoy!


Here is a throwback to my high school days when Tyler Ulis hit a buzzer beater and our student section stormed the court.  My fellow writers Ryan Kelly and Neil Doyle made the call!


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