Arkansas TE Suspended For Belk Bowl Due To Shoplifting… At Belk

Via SEC Country:

Arkansas senior tight end Jeremy Sprinkle’s suspension from the Belk Bowl is related to an alleged shoplifting incident, sources have confirmed to SEC CountryJeremy Sprinkle was accused of attempting to shoplift items at the Belk department store at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte on Tuesday, sources said. The Arkansas team was there as part of a function for the bowl.Each player on both teams had 90 minutes to spend a $450 gift card at Belk on anything in the store. The players also each received a Fossil watch. Sources said Sprinkle attempted to take items worth more than the allotted cost available.

With a name like Jeremy Sprinkle, you’re an easy target.

Admittedly not a clue what Belk is or where they operate. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a Southern thing. Nonetheless, this sounds like the same situation as when Jameis “stole” those crab legs. My suspicion would be that Sprinkle thought it was more of a handshake agreement that the limit was $450, like how Jameis thought it was a handshake agreement with the store owner when he took those crab legs. Ole Sprinkle was probably like $50 or $60 bucks over the limit, and either didn’t notice until after he left the store, or refused to put stuff back when they said he was a little bit over.

Suspending him for the bowl game seems like a bit much. He couldn’t just apologize to Belk, return the clothes candy tires stuff (I really don’t know what Belk sells, someone comment below or tell me on Twitter) and get on with your life? Or who cares, let the guy keep it. I know you’re cheap Belk, because you’re giving away a Fossil watch and acting like it’s a Rolex, but let the guy live.


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