Let’s Skip To The NBA Finals Already

Everybody else stinks in the NBA this year.

Clippers aren’t going to beat Golden State in a 7 game series. Neither is San Antonio. Or Oklahoma City. Or Portland. Or Houston. As much as I wish all of them would, that’s just never going to happen. They’ll make it interesting for a couple of games, get me all excited, then Durant and Klay will take over.

Not even going to run through the teams in the East, because that’s a waste of characters. Cavs could sit Lebron until the Finals, and it would still be a cake walk.

Yesterday’s game proved that, so what’s the point of going through the whole NBA season? Just so someone on one of those teams can get hurt and make the NBA Finals worse? Just to sit in awe of Westbrook’s and Harden’s numbers? Yawn, let’s skip to May (maybe it’s June, roast me on Twitter @CrossoverReport if I’m wrong)


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