Best Tackle In Last Night’s KC-DEN Game Came From A Security Guard

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Don’t run onto the field during a sporting event unless you’re willing to get butt naked. Because you’re not really risking anything if you trot out there with all your clothes on. You’re just a loser interrupting the game.

But if you’re swanging around out there, you’ve put a lot on the line. First off, the whole world’s going to see your junk one way or another. And second, when you get tackled, you’re going to have the nastiest rug burn, along with grass or turf beads in all sorts of crevices. It’s not that I want to see naked men run across the field, we can make that clear. However, if you’re running out there just to interrupt the game, without the pressure of people making fun of your junk or it getting crushed, you deserve to get leveled like this guy did.


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