Reports: OBJ Repeatedly Banged His Head Against A Steel Wall After Last Night’s Loss

Via Complex: 

Beckham also reportedly faced a steel wall, which he then banged his head into once twice three times. This came despite him posting a(nother) fine night, with 11 catches for 150 yards. After his outburst the star wideout had to be escorted back into NY’s locker room by Giants officials, as well as the team’s co-owner John Mara.

Question with OBJ is not about talent, it’s about how out of hand he lets these antics go. Because he’s unstable, and we’re what, one more away from him being labeled a locker room issue? He’s the most talented receiver in the league, I think without a question. More than Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Dez, or whoever, OBJ’s the only guy in the league that you expect to score every time he touches the ball.

So will he be Randy Moss, where he’s a bit eccentric but still a playmaker? Or will he be T.O., where he’s insanely talented, but what he does on the sidelines or in the locker room after some adversity gets covered more than his on the field accomplishments. I’m all for being pissed about losing. Nobody should enjoy losing. But you can’t be the guy doing the absolute most every time something goes wrong.



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