George Karl Says “Lack Of Fathers Teaching Them” Is Why Boogie/Melo Didn’t Like Him

From George Karl’s new book, Furious George (which is actually a bomb title):


Get this out of the way first: it’s not a crazy thing to say that somebody not having leadership in their life has negatively affected them. I always felt Lebron wasn’t as polished or calm in clutch situations like MJ and Kobe because Bron’s never had the caliber of coaches they had (Dean Smith/Phil for MJ, Phil for Kobe).

However, how can George Karl be so ignorant? How can you actually write those words and believe them? It shows how distant George was from his players. Because if he knew them even the slightest bit, he would know that Carmelo’s father passed away when Melo was just 2 years old. And I couldn’t find anything on Boogie’s dad being in the picture, but does it really matter? It’s not that George Karl was ever going to fully understand or be in tune with the lives of 25  year old black guys. As a 60 year old white man, that’s a pipe dream that he’d ever be able to connect with Boogie or AI. But dude never even tried.

I’m all for there being a strong father figure for every young man, but Karl’s story doesn’t add up. There are plenty of guys who had strong father figures who are in the same sphere of cockiness as Melo and Boogie (JR Smith), and guys who didn’t have father figures (Lebron) who are the most respectable and smartest players in the league. George Karl thinks there are a plethora of people out there who will feel bad that he had to coach Melo, Boogie, and AI, all who have been top 5 offensive threats at some point in their career. Nobody will. Almost at the point with Georgie boy where we just stop covering the wild shit he says. Perfect tweet to sum up what he’s become:



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